First night in town, lick?

That’s the city coming up now. It’s a bit awkward if you ain’t seen it before. Modern glass and steel architecture stuck right up alongside historical frontier town charm…and vampires haunt the shadows of nightclubs and red-brick alleyways alike.

The older, wealthier bloodsuckers stay close to the towers of commerce, where all the blood tastes like a $7 cup of coffee. The idealistic ruffians gather at scattered disreputable watering holes, which you can almost always identify by a combination of motorcycles parked out front and the strong smell of blood coming from the back alley. The more primal alleycats, like us, have scrubland and underground infrastructure aplenty to hunker down in.

Fort Worth is a city of many faces, slick. Many factions, many varied aspects of life and unlife, all trying to juggle the daunting tasks of survival and profit. For the last 200 years, the railroad has ensured that this city is an ever-shifting hub of supernatural activity.

Like tonight. It looks like this is your stop.

Welcome to Fort Worth.

The Dark Crossroads