- Bow and arrow Hunter vamp with True Faith

- GTA V Trevor ripoff character

- Split the Twins for the hunt, First with Slightly, Second with Wendy

- Teaching the Twins walks through a Kingdom Hearts style training, and the choices the players make (run, hide, fight, talk) will influence their builds as Caitiff

- one year later, a wake for Thomas or a party for his return (during which Second Twin will cause a scene)

- SCP music box cognitihazard can’t let the music play

- Mistress Information character

- Red Room speech, Bob and Laura banshee clips for vision sequence, walking footage of the city

- Write vignettes for major points of dramatic intersection between NPCs

- Gonzalez is looking for a Sabbat takeover of DFW
– Anarchs hold Austin
– Weres patrol near the border
– A base in DFW would allow the Sabbat a staging ground for northern expansion, with Sabbat personnel and equipment brought in from Mexico and sent out by train

- Black Ty is secretly encouraging the Sabbat incursion
– The threat keeps the other vampires too busy to fight over power and position
– Cartel-style drugs and violence are useful tools for maintaining the Masquerade

- Queen Mab is partially responsible for Geno’s amnesia
Patrick Carnifax used an impossible Tremere ritual to lower Geno’s Generation
– Queen Mab hid Geno’s memories away within his madness
– All of this is to keep knowledge of the Word Eater out of the world, and hopefully keep him asleep

- Tootles is The Pan’s first childer, and is insanely jealous of Wendy

- William David Ratliff is only tolerated because he has Middleton Tate Johnson’s protection
– The two were both influential slave owners
– Upon hearing that the Sabbat had Embraced Ratliff to take advantage of his breeding program, Johnson began to take steps to bring him to the Camarilla


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